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We have made it a priority to utilize and integrate the latest technology into the day-to-day running of our practice. While keeping pace with the trends in technology is a challenge, we have succeeded in implementing some key elements that impact each and every patient's experience. We utilize modern digital imaging to replace what patients remember as 'x-rays.' Digital photography is an important aspect of many dental procedures. This allows for documentation of 'Before' and 'After' treatment, and allow for effective communication with our dental laboratory.

The office staff is able to utilize email to communicate with our patients, as well as efficiently manage our relationships with other dental specialists. Most insurance claims are now submitted electronically, which greatly improves the speed and approval of claims. You can be sure that as technology advances, we are willing to invest the time and effort to maintain a state-of-the-art practice.

Digital Imaging

Our practice utilizes the most current digital radiography to complement a comprehensive dental exam for each patient. What patients may recall as traditional 'x-rays' has been replaced by digital images of the teeth and surrounding structures. Fortunately, this advancement in technology has resulted in increased diagnostic capabilities and a significantly lower level of radiation exposure to the patient. For established patients, appropriate imaging is typically completed each year so that we may continually monitor for any subtle changes that may occur in the teeth or the supporting bone structures. In addition, a panoramic image may be taken every few years that allows us to evaluate the full upper and lower jaws. For younger patients, this view showcases the developing permanent teeth, as well as the presence and position of wisdom teeth. For adult patients, the panoramic image is used to screen for pathology, including abscesses, cysts or tumors.

Digital imaging has certainly improved the dental experience for the patients because of our ability to magnify the images or zoom in on the image to highlight a particular area of concern. With this capability, the patient typically develops a much better understanding of the condition of his or her teeth, as well as the recommended treatment. In addition, if we refer a patient to see a dental specialist (an orthodontist, for example) we are easily able to email all relevant images to ensure efficient communication and appropriate treatment.

Electronic Claims

We are happy to submit your dental claims to your insurance company on your behalf. Our office utilizes electronic claims processing; rather than sending your dental claim through the mail, we send it to your insurance company with the click of a button. Claims are processed more efficiently and fewer claims are returned or denied.

Magnification & Lighting

We perform most of the dental procedures while wearing glasses that are known as surgical loupes or telescopes. These glasses provide significant magnification of the viewing area. As a result, we are able to see the finer details of your mouth and teeth. This certainly aids in diagnosing many dental conditions. Perhaps more importantly, however, magnification allows us the ability to provide successful treatment because we can see intricate details of the teeth and any restorations (a filling or crown, for example) that would otherwise be difficult to visualize.

To further enhance or visual ability, we are also outfitted with dental headlights. Although we have always utilized overhead lighting to see while we are providing treatment, the dental headlight provides a more focused, bright, and direct source of light. While using the headlight, shadows are minimized and we can be certain of concentrated light to highlight the precise treatment area. We always have shaded safety glasses available for patients who seek a more comfortable level of lighting while they are in our office for treatment.

Clinical Photography

We often use photography to enhance our ability to provide you the best dental treatment. More specifically, we may utilize extra-oral (outside the mouth) digital photographs when providing esthetic-type treatment. We are able to plan treatment effectively and photographs often allow the patient to visualize what changes may occur in their smile once treatment is completed. In the process of treatment, we may also use photographs to communicate with our dental laboratory to ensure proper shade matching and characterization for your final restorations. In this manner, we can achieve optimal results for our patients.

Next, we also utilize intra-oral (inside the mouth) imaging to aid in diagnosis, treatment-planning, and patient education. Our practice has invested in a hand-held camera that is small enough to capture images inside your mouth. Most often, this camera is used to show the patient exactly what we see when examining a specific tooth or area of the mouth. Because the image is digital, it can be magnified greatly to illustrate small fractures in the teeth, worn fillings, areas of dental decay, or an area of trauma or inflammation. Before this handy device, we could only provide a verbal description of our clinical findings to the patient. With the help of a clear image, we are now able to illustrate the issue at hand. We have found this type of imaging to be wonderfully effective in aiding our patients' understanding of just what may be going on inside their mouths. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!

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What Our Patients Say

"I have been going to Dr. Senholzi for the past eight or nine years. I have had challenging issues with my teeth and she has done an excellent job addressing my needs.  She is thorough, efficient and her work is impeccable. She has a wonderful demeanor and is patient with any questions I may have."

This is just a note of gratitude to everyone from Charisse and Gina in front, to the techs Marsha, Kat, Nancy, (and I must not forget Dr. Senholzi and Dr. Para). Everyone is so kind. And I have repaired teeth for my trip to Scotland! I may not be the most willing patient, but I am always comforted to know that patient case is obviously the priority at your practice. You make it all so much easier!

When another professional admires the work of your dentist, you know you have the very best dentist. Thank you Dr. Para for over 15 years of keeping my teeth healthy and beautiful.

"Dr. Para's cosmetic work is beautiful and natural. My smile is now confident and dazzling! My only complaint is why I waited so long."

"My entire family of six have been patients since 2002 and could not be happier. Everyone in the office is friendly, considerate, timely and professional."

"Dr. Senholzi is everything you would want in a dentist. She is patient, kind, and gentle with a wonderful soothing manner. All staff members are warm and friendly, making both adults and kids feel welcome and at ease. I highly recommend this practice for all of your dental needs!"

"In a word, Dr. Para is brilliant. He and all of his staff are wonderfully knowledgeable, patient, and understanding. I have recommended him to everyone I know."

"Choosing Dr. Para as my dentist was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Over 15 years ago, I walked into his office and can say, without exception, that every visit has been a good experience."

"The sleep apnea appliance Dr. Para made for me has been extremely effective in treating my snoring and sleep apnea. I've been able to reduce by blood pressure medications and I'm getting the best sleep I've had in years!"

"Dr. Para was just named one of the top five dentists in Delaware by Delaware Today Magazine."